Bayern: around 400 preliminary investigations for hatred in the network

Bavarian authorities have already initiated around 400 preliminary investigations in the first quarter of this year for hate postings on the internet. The shared bavaria hate speech representative, klaus-dieter hartleb, on request of the german press agency in munchen. In the most important part, it goes for legal radical exercises and referendum. Particularly engaged in politicians, escape or muslims. Also anti-semitic exercises are widespread.

Duty toll for platforms from summer

The actual number of criminally relevant contributions in social networks was allowed to be many times higher, stressed hartleb: "the gap between the real number of posts and the preliminary investigation is roughly."

A thrust and sudden increase in procedures awaits hartleb after a planned legislative change in summer. Then internet platforms should not only be required to gestate hassposts – but also to see the authors. "It is amed that the nationwide 150.000 procedures produced in the year."

From consoration theory to corona-hate-speech

The corona crisis gives the investigators already more work – "but you can not quantify that exactly". The authorities differ, for example, hasposts from the right, left, from religious ideology or "other" motivation. Corona was, if, in particular, no right or left motivation comes to it "other" drop and is not recorded individually.

Much, which is posted from protest against maws to the occasion of the pandemic, is anyway under the threshold of criminal relevance. "Not every conscription theory means automatically hate speech", the attorney of attorney made clear.

Systematic entered since the beginning of the year

Hartleb has been in office since the beginning of the year. The same applies to the special decor students, which are used in all public prosecutors in the free state, specifically to use the topic of hatred in the network. Since the beginning of 2020 hat-speech falls on the internet are also systematically recorded systematically, so according to hartlebs comparisons with case numbers from past few years are difficult.

He himself had a highly 15 particularly important trap in the first quarter, the special decor by another around 350. There are also about 30 preliminary investigations, which are under the project "justice and media" to roll. Media companies are stopped to display comments with criminal relevant content.

Another project, which is to allow local politicians in bavaria to report hate attacks in the network via online ad straightcomer to the order, is currently set up, said hartleb.

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