Cheshire cat

Cheshire cat

Woking (great britain), 15. February 2013 – the mclaren p1 is set to become the world’s best sports car on the road and on the racetrack. It will be unveiled for the first time at the geneva motor show (7. To 17. March 2013). To whet the anticipation, mclaren shows new images of the exterior and first shots of the interior.

The expectations of the fans are high. After all, the p1 is considered the successor of the legendary mclaren f1, whose data still impress today: up to 680 hp from twelve cylinders, 386 km. With the f1, the british formula 1 racing team created a roadworthy legend with an unusual seating arrangement: the driver sat in the middle, the co-pilots flanked him on the left and right.

Only two seats

At the paris motor show in fall 2012, a first glimpse of the uber-mclaren could already be seen. There, the british showed a near-production study of the sports car in carbon guise. There will be no room for a second co-driver in the p1. Unlike the f1, the driver sits classically on the left side of the car. The interior is purist, with no corkscrews at all. Nothing should distract the driver from driving. The information display is located centrally behind the steering wheel, with the gear indicator in the center and the engine speed shown by colored dots.

Lightweight plus luxury

The maxim "weight reduction" reduces the control units to a minimum. Nevertheless, the mclaren p1 retains its luxurious features such as automatic air conditioning, a navigation system and a customized sound system. The dashboard, the roof and floor elements, the doors and the one-piece passenger compartment are made of carbon fiber. For further optimization of weight, the amount of trim parts in the cabin has been minimized and interior sound insulation has been eliminated. Lightweight carpeting is offered if required. The racing bucket seats consist of an ultra-dark, barely padded carbon shell and a lightweight support bracket.

High level of performance and price as well

Performance figures have not yet been officially announced. However, it is believed that the modified version of the 3.8-liter v8 familiar from the mclaren mp4-12c will propel the supercar to high performance with over 900 hp. The price is expected to be around one million euros.

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