Driving report vw t-roc 2.0 tsi 4motion

One could call the vw t-roc as volkswagen conventional response to the under-ten years ago of the small car suvs. With two-liter motorization and 190 hp, today he protrudes from the niche from japanese klein-suv, however, far out. On a similar level, only audi q2, nissan juke nismo rs or the up to 231 hp mini countryman play. Volkswagen calls his powermeier t-roc "sport". That sounds more exhausting to gluck than it’s. The most powerful t-roc so far is not a krawallheimer, rather he serves his performance untrusted and lightweight.

Only with four-wheel and dsg

His 320 nm of powerful two-liter engine is – as well as the 150 hp diesel with 400 nm – always coupled with the automatically switching four-wheel drive. Both also get the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as standard. In addition, the engine pallet offers an in addition three-cylinder with 115 and the 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 150 hp and diesel engines with 1.6 and two liters displacement and 115 and 150 hp. All weaker motorizations are standard mab equipped with manual six-speed manual transmission, 1.5 tsi and 2.0 tdi with 150 hp offer dual-clutch gearbox and four-wheeled on request.

The technically on the vw golf-based t-roc gives the customer the chance of a fashionable appearance: it offers 24 combinations of outdoor and roof paints and in the equipment version style dashboard, captive and seats in absin color. If you prefer less attention to yourself or spend economical money, you will continue to get the t-roc in lower sachsian-cute gray variations. In its outdoor design, the t-roc combines reliable brand recognition with defensive form language.

Concept predicted robustness

"Optical differences" without technical function or unpainted planks also helped with vw how self-resistant to a concept predicted robustness. We have lived on such involuntarily comic accessories and can now designate something as a suv folklore. A consistent increase is the combination of undersensing and diffuserimity, as the t-roc could not decide between the gravel and race piste. But there are also new remarkable details such as imitated front air inlet dislocations (with an "optical", meshed grille on its black locking cap), which are converted by daytime running lights leds. If the direction indicator is tapped, the hem flashes yellow. "So let yourself be seen" volkswagen obviously advertises in the best knowledge of his customers.

Despite all the optical options that vw offers – no, just because of it, and especially in contrast to them – the interior hard plastic overall a bit of barg. Remember: the not even fully equipped test cars are at least about 39.000 euro.

The space should be watched in more detail, it differs from that of the vw golf: on the ruckbank is a little less space, in the trunk a little more. The t-roc has a high loading edge and a high booth floor, but no option on a slidable ruckbank. Under the high booth floor a lot of space is given away, and a high adjustment of the soil is only available only for models without four-wheel drive. For example, volkswagen finds that one can no longer use the space range below the inserter and differential enrolled through the departure and differential, but that would have likely to decide some customers themselves. We moat a depth of 77 cm, a width of 101 cm between the wheel houses and a high 40.8 cm between floor and trunk cover. Volumina is 392 to 1237 liters for t-roc sport (445 to 1290 for the models without four-wheel drive). The t-roc is just about 20 centimeters short than a vw tiguan.

Customized service ergonomy

Typically volkswagen also offers the operating ergonomics hardly any peculiarities, and that’s also very good: the conventional switches and levers struck the first to go to the first. The scope of the monitoring functions can be naturally richer, principle due to the operating safety and he distracts the view from the road. It also does not help that the display is excellently bright, contrasting and colorful and sensitively reacting to access inputs. After all, in the sense of operating safety, the headunit offers two rotary knobs, which is not even in the group self-resistant. Negative printed on the fact that only the small system is relevant in the t-roc. The rough solution comes – completely modern – without button and offers more features.

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