Driving report: vw up 1.0 tsi

With the 90 hp turbo aggregate, the vw up the spharen of a (place) streamlamps. The designers show that with gti honeycomb in the boiler grill and behind with a suggested diffuser. Serial maby, there is also led daytime running lights, you want to improve connectivity and personalization. A first test drive shows the performance grown effort, because it is quite adequate – but also certain peculiarities. No surprise is that domestic and trunk of the space-saving room remain unnecessary.

Personal should be the up with model maintenance. With the review, you can produce an individual combination of 13 partly poppy sub-colors, three roof coatings and ten decorative films. Ten different designs and applications should bagate the cockpit. Thus the typical small car clearly wins hard plastic landscape of charm. Full prere sound of beats by dr dre with 300 watts are in the model "beat" at a price of 13.150 eur serienmabig. Under headphones freaks this brand does have cult status, but the basse are also quite typical dr. Dre mabig – and many certainly something to prasent.

Up app instead app armada

In the connectivity of up to einlauten a new era. Instead mirror link or an entire app armada are the smart phone of the driver and up app in the center of the operating concept. Is quite clever, finally now almost everyone with his smartphone on the go. 170 euros costs the call in conjunction with the radio "composition phone" (130 euros, only with the middle and highest equipment variant). At the up beat, the system is standard mabig. This equipment variant costs at least 13.150 euros.

The new software even masters a handwriting detection for entering navigation destinations and terms on the smartphone screen. A voice input like siri is not intended. Also not every other app runs parallel to the vw program. For example, if you liked your usual navi app, you must take the standard bluetooth coupling.

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