Federal environmental agency criticizes e-scooter

Federal environmental agency criticizes e-scooter

Electric scooters make traffic in the inner states after consulting the environmental estate office so far hardly more environmentally friendly and were better repealed in sub-districts. "The driven routes are mostly very short and can also be too fedged, with bus, train or bicycles," said uba prasidentin maria krautzberger the german press agency. Compared to the bike, be the "much more environmentally accurate" variant.

It would be more helpful if providers were set up the vehicles in sub-districts, krautzberger said. "Here it can be reasonable to bring the too long route to bus or train quickly with the e-scooter instead of car."Also, the german city and municipal office had criticized that at the edge of coarse dates often no borrowers are available.

In a paper that the federal environment agency (uba) on tuesday (3. September 2019) set to the net, it says: "if the e-scooter is used instead of your own fruze or bicycle, that’s bad for environmental and health."The environment helps it when the change from the car makes it easier for public transport and get your own car overflow. "However, this type of use seems to be applied only to a small proportion of the uses."

Studies for which paths e-scooters were used and whether they replaced cars or motorcyclads were not available for germany so far, is farther. First numbers from berlin love but suspect that the ways on average were about two kilometers long. A survey in paris showed that 85 percent of users had left without scooters to fub, public transport or wheeled. For months, beforderwords and opponents have argued about the e-troler approved since june 2019 in germany. It is often about charged sidewalks, clogged bike paths or drunk drivers, but also about environmental ies.

The uba also deals critically with the manufacture and life of the batteries, electricity requirements and logistics behind the borrowers. The author brings the proposal into the game that municipalities could only approve e-scooters for hire, which fulfills certain environmental criteria. "To do so, the interchangeability of the batteries, the repairability fabricates spare parts refusibility and a long guaranteed life expectancy of the battery or. Of the e-scooter ", it’s in the paper.

Production and service life are "essential" for the environmental balance sheet. Comparatively low trap of charging in weight. Ideally, this is done with okostrom. For a comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts, it is still too early. For pedelecs, ie electric bicycle, the uba has calculated that after 165 kilometers, the climate-damaging co2 emissions of battery production are paid, if you drive with the e-bike instead of car drive.

Uba prasidentin krautzberger stressed that the privately used car in cities is the "significantly larger environmental problem" in comparison to the e-scooter – "both as the pollutants as well as what the larm is concerned."Citys had to significantly reduce the number of pitches for cars, also to create more space for cycling and fiction paths. In the paper of the author, it is called, the significance of the thema e-scooter and their sustainability should be "not overvalued". In berlin, about july – currently on an e-scooter around 270 cars.

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