Grand coalition wants co2-related vehicle tax from 2010

He cdu is pleased about a "breakthrough" in the reform of the motor vehicle tax. According to the will of the parties supporting the federal government, the reform is to take effect on 1 january 2009. January 2010 – one year later than originally intended. The federal government is to receive around 9 billion euros a year in vehicle tax revenue, which has so far gone to the federal states. This is a result of the meeting of the coalition committee on wednesday evening.

The states are to receive compensation for their previous revenues from the motor vehicle tax, as spd parliamentary group leader peter struck and baden-wurttemberg’s minister president gunther oettinger (cdu), among others, unanimously announced to the tagesschau . Both want to present the decision as a recommendation to the federalism commission, which they chair. Opposite n-tv oettinger said that this would make the federal government "fully responsible" for vehicle taxation in the future.

If the states agree to the government’s plan, the way would be clear to redesign the vehicle tax and levy it on new vehicles on the basis of co2 emissions. According to the ard morning show csu chairman erwin huber explained today that a linear co2-based tax rate is planned for new vehicles and reiterated that old cars should not be taxed more heavily than they are now. In contrast, it was not until the end of april that the federal ministry of finance announced plans to increase the tax burden on 16 million vehicle owners.

Huber considers the regulation now passed by the coalition committee to be an "important part of the german government’s climate policy". The co2-related tax is a "further impetus to reduce pollutants" after german chancellor merkel and french president sarkozy announced a joint strategy to cut co2 emissions from new vehicles just monday.

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