Grun-black want truck toll even for country and local counters

Grun-black want truck toll even for country and local counters

The coalition of green and cdu in baden-wurttemberg wants to introduce a toll of the truck on state and municipal straws, because trucks over 7.5 tonnes in the long run cause coarse damage to the thread. So far, the truck toll is only available for the use of highways and four-lane civil witers.

The greats had before the state election on 14. Marz held to create the legal requirements for the expanded truck toll to "to set the growing online trading boundaries and stronger retail". With the reminder from the toll, you want to demand serial production of climate-neutral trucks.

Only the federal government, then the country

Green-black wool according to dpa in the conference conference of the confederation and lermen propelled to expand the truck toll across germany. If this has no success, the new state government will be adopted in the second half of the legislative period a state legislation and the toll still imports before the end of the legislature. The coalition promises revenue of 200 million euros, half of the country and the municipalities.

First, the cdu had rejected the advanced truck toll from jerking on the protests of the economy. At the end of the coalition negotiations they agreed. The baden-wurttembergischer industrie- and commerce chamber day (bwihk) had warned that a toll on state and municipal sows the companies in the sudwest additionally burden and disadvantageous. For in other federal tandames there is not such a toll.

The toll was introduced in 2005 in 2005 for vice from 7.5 tonnes, since 2018, it has also been uniformly on federal hubs. The embracing network has since then 52.000 kilometers long. Federal environment minister svenja has prompted the eu transport ministers to quickly agree on an inclusion of the greenhouse gas outboat in the truck toll.

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