Hb – faz: manufacturer of eu-wide diesel-rearrestation

The german automotive industry pladates for a refusal of oldine diesel cars in europe. "There will be no stuttgart solution, even no german solution, but a european approach will be required," said daimler boss dieter zetsche on the edge of an event, like handelsblatt (hb) and frankfurter general newspaper (faz) in their today’s ies (13. July 17) report.

According to hb have a zetsche as well as the bosses of bmw and volkswagen last week on the edge of a federation meeting in brussel with jyrki cataines, viceprasident of the eu commission, talked about such a solution. The sheet relies on industrial circuits. An agreement should not have given it. However, it has given the "fundamental news" that "something must be done" to make the "corridor damage" not even gross after the exhaust manipulations.

How a european solution could look like, zetsche did not want to go. Bmw and volkswagen did not want to comment on this, as that hb writing.

According to faz signaled zetsche in the run-up to the diesel specimen, to which the federal government on the 2. August the car manufacturer has loaded consensus. Daimler work "constructive" on a software solution, with the alter diesel cars can be retrofitted, so zetsche. For mercedes, he set a solution in view that reduces the nitrogen oxide outlet without significant co2 emissions (consumption).

Without a better environmental balance sheet, the old diesel models threaten in many european city bonds.

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