Iaa: denso develops predictive bend lighting with navi connection

Adaptive bend lighting" (afs) is nothing new in itself. In many production vehicles, it already adjusts the low beam headlights to the steering angle and speed of the vehicle as the road curves.

At the iaa, japanese automotive supplier denso has now unveiled its new afs, which is still in development but addresses a key weakness: the new system uses road information from the navigation system to "predict" curves, so that the curve is already illuminated before you drive into it. This small time advantage could decide whether a cyclist, for example, is overlooked or not.

At the moment, denso is working on improving the accuracy of navigation system position information so that this technology can be brought to market as soon as possible. This is precisely where the previous problem lies: neither gps nor the navigation data are designed to be able to provide the exact position at any time. To reach a destination by navigation, that’s not necessary either, but it is for predictive cornering lights.

It will be interesting to see when denso can announce that it is ready for series production, because the supplier is dependent on the cooperation of map providers for this, possibly even a more precise satellite positioning system such as galileo will be necessary – the low accuracy of gps will not be enough.

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