Iaa: post-crash collision warning system

Hanover, 22. September 2010 – assistance systems that warn the driver of sudden obstacles in poor visibility conditions have so far been the preserve of luxury-class cars. At the iaa commercial vehicles (hall 13, stand a33), the mobileye company is presenting a warning system that can be retrofitted to any car, but can also be used by vehicle manufacturers. According to the manufacturer, it is also suitable for use in buses or trucks. The iaa commercial vehicles in hanover, which is held biennially in alternation with the iaa cars, is open from 23. To 30. September 2010 for the public.

Time for reactions

The warning system, called c2-270, consists of a small camera stuck behind the windshield and a round display slightly larger than a wristwatch. The camera detects pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicles at a wide angle. If a collision is imminent, the system warns the driver visually and acoustically. According to the manufacturer, it then has 2.7 seconds to react accordingly.

Also available ex works

What is now available as a retrofit for almost every car has already been installed by vehicle manufacturers at the factory for some time now. Volvo, for example, offers it under the term "city safety" in the new s60. The advantage of the factory solution is that the manufacturer can also use the warning to brake the vehicle automatically, even to a standstill if necessary. At low speeds, this should be sufficient to avoid a collision. If the driver is going a little faster, it could at least reduce the consequences of the accident. However, the solution is not cheap: with installation, the price is said to be just under 1000 euros.

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