In difficult terrain: test drive in the jeep patriot

In difficult terrain: test drive in the jeep patriot

Munich, 10. June 2008 – the success of the vw tiguan can hardly be indifferent to the off-road specialist jeep. That’s why the chrysler group brand has launched the patriot limited 2.0 crd, an entry-level model that looks like a real yank at first glance. We followed the question whether the patriot holds, which promises its striking auberes.

Differentiation from the jeep compass

The patriot’s distinctly angular appearance is striking at first glance. The side view quotes the current jeep top model commander, at the same time it reminds of the cherokee of the late eighties. The front has the classic jeep face with round headlights and vertical struts. The overall height of 1.66 meters in conjunction with the narrow glazing makes for a sporty look. Although the straight lines of the patriot should have ensured good visibility, the exact opposite is the case: the rather low seating position makes it difficult for the driver to accurately estimate the vehicle’s dimensions. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible that a rear parking aid is only available as an accessory costing just under 400 euros. Overall, the patriot look is a matter of taste: either you don’t like it or you like it. We take the latter view, because the design makes the jeep stand out from the crowd and doesn’t make it arbitrary like its technically identical corporate brother, the jeep compass. Both suvs are based on the same platform as the dodge caliber, as indicated by the identical wheelbase of 2.63 meters.

Lots of hard plastic in the interior

The angular lines of the body continue in the interior of the patriot. Although partially refined with leather applications, the material mix of hard plastic and plastic-aluminum does not look very high-end. On the other hand, we liked the number of storage compartments: in addition to the obligatory cupholders in front of the center armrest, there is also a practical tray for small items above the glove compartment. Another positive feature is the conveniently high position of the gearshift lever. On the negative side, the steering column trim is too wide and gets in the way of the driver’s legs, especially when operating the clutch and brake at the same time. The dvd navigation system, which is standard in the limited plus package, is also impractical to operate. It has three knobs, the other buttons are labeled in such a way that their meaning is not immediately obvious. The inglorious highlight is the fact that the target selection is made by means of a rotary knob, but a separate button must be pressed for the confirmation.

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