In the test: ford mondeo 2.0 tdci

In the test: ford mondeo 2.0 tdci

A car, which is supposed to fall on many markets in the world, polarizes inequally less than one, which is tailored to a "regional" target group. Even the first mondeo was designed as a "car world", for the current ie this also applies. In the us is the ford fusion in the trade. In the case of the silver test car, this philosophy leads to an unusual connection: although in this country hardly anyone ordered the mondeo with the flickheck, so he is not an exot, he does not fall up in the strain picture.

Ford has improved the mondeo 2016 at a decisive place. Reason enough to invite him to the editors for a test again. As a motorization, we still relyed the popular diesel with 150 hp.

Aufen rough

The current mondeo is a truly stately car. As funturer is 4.87 meters long, the wheelbase 2.85 m. Thus, in both categories, he is supposed to offer a skoda superb combi, but without even bidding its room filler. Neither for the occupants nor for the luggage, the mondeo offers as much space as it can expect the quite expanding quantities. Four adults are still comfortable, unless it is giant. The trunk of the flyheck holds 550 liters, which of the kombis with 525 liters only insignificantly more than that of an audi a4 avant, who is at least 17 cm short. Overall, the mondeo does not look particularly good at the ratio of external tanks to the inner room offer.


The workmanship makes a good impression at first glance, which makes the mondeo different from the focus of my wife. In the test car, however, temporar annoyed a chirping of the steering panning / combined instrument area and another from the area of a-saule. Crushed labbery were fairing and covering the loudspeaker in the trunk. The edge of the headliner was cut in the area of the windshield slightly dramatically – certainly no dramas, but other manufacturers get that better in this class. Also the ford s-max, which we had in the summer in the editorial staff, was more carefully processed in detail.


I really liked the seats. They are adjustable in a wide range, provide sufficient side stop and stably locking headstocks. Rear waives ford on the now widespread trick, sharing coarse legroom by simply making the seats particularly short. A good idea is also the gurtairbag back – in this class does not offer any other manufacturer.

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