Many complaints about internet problems during choice in weibussland

Many complaints about internet problems during choice in Weibussland

In the prasident election in belarus (weibrussland), burger, government opponents and media massive internet problems. The opposition warned for days before a complete shutdown. The resistant wanted to prevent a protest movement against prasident alexander lukashenko and electoral folders organized it, threw it. The 65th-year-old, who has been in power in minsk for more than a quarter of a century, strives for a sixth term of office.

"No youtube, no skype, no mail, no messenger"

The movement "a country to life" from opposition candidate swetlana tichanowskaja published on sunday in the news channel telegram eyewitness reports on election qualifications and manipulation of the turnout. For internet users, there were also instructions as they should behave in the case of network locks. Many government critical portals were no longer callable. Even correspondents russian staatsmedien lamented that nothing works.

"It does not work any youtube, no skype, no mail and no messenger", wrote about the editor-in-chief of the russian foreign television broadcaster rt, margarita simonjan, at telegram. The news channel still functions with restrictions. However, videos and photos could not be uploaded. "So it is in very belarus", noted she. This also wrote many other users.

Lukashenko is critic than "last dictator in europe". He has threatened to use the army if necessary. In social networks were photos of seeing militar vehicles at the access roads to the capital minsk. The opposition has called for peaceful protests against the election figure of sunday evening. It would be expected that these days could last, strolled it. For demonstrators there were action instructions – with time and localities to point out for suitable footwear and sufficient food.

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