Mercedes: schumacher has to decide until the summer break

Mercedes wants to clarify the formula 1 future of michael schumacher at the latest in the summer break. "In the next six weeks we have to think about what we want to do next year. If this decision has fallen, we know if we have to look around or keep the drivers we have, "said team boss ross brawn at a fanforum in the english grove.

Schumacher’s contract runs at the end of the season. Most recently, the 43-year-old had still asked for further reflection time, whether he wants to continue to define his career. Brawn does not want to wait long. "We will make a decision in the summer," said the brite on tuesday evening. A decision must soon fall, fugerten brawn. However, in industry circles as sure that schumacher specifies the direction. Only he allegedly has the one-sided option for a deflection of his contract. So the routinian was hardly allowed to get a premature decision. Mercedes businessman nick fry had fired the discussion about schumacher’s future a few weeks ago and paul di resta brought into conversation as a possible successor. The brit starts in formula 1 for force india, before driving in the german touring car masters for mercedes.

The record world champion was returned to formula 1 in 2010 after a three-year break. With mercedes he wanted to grab after a construction phase after his eighth title. However, the 91-color grand prix winner had always taken back. Only in valencia he succeeded as third for the first time after 2093 days again a place on the podium. Schumacher’s teammate nico rosberg had long termed his contract in the long term before the season. The wiesbadener then succeeded in china his first formula 1 victory. In contrast, schumacher had repeatedly bad luck with technical problems at the silver arrow and fell far back in the overall standings. Before the ninth season’s race on sunday in the english silverstone, he ranks on world cup place 13, rosberg is funfter.

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