Microsoft inspire 2020: more security and collaboration functions

Microsoft Inspire 2020: More security and collaboration functions

Microsoft knows on the purely digital inspire conference new around microsoft azure, power platform, dynamics 365 and microsoft 365 and teams. The services should help, "to successfully forcible the current challenges as a result of the covid-19 pandemic."

The focus is on this year "more security and collaboration functions". Teams allow you to integrate third-party apps. "So team meetings become even more interactive and effective", it is called in a press release from microsoft. A communities feature allows worked service and production to access yammer’s texts, updates, discussions and events – this is a microblogging service of microsoft. In addition, a walkie talkie feature is introduced as a public-preview, with the secure push-to-talk score possible. Task distributions and service plan should be more easily edited.

Secure data and communicate with customers

Also as a public-preview microsoft introduces an extended data loss prevention (dlp) in microsoft 365. She "allows companies to recognize and protect information on endpoints such as laptops and smartphones". The dlp feature is integrated in windows 10, office apps and edge, as well as in teams exchange and sharepoint. In teams, the relational database dataflex is now included. With this, customers can develop and control apps and chatbots with power apps and power virtual agent, without leaving teams left.

With universal print, microsoft-365 customers can use the cloud safely to send prere entries – "without building a complex hybrid printer setup". Power platform is intended to provide a better management of health and safety of workplaces in the workplace, including a self-service tool for employees and an application for tracking infections and contacts for guiding fuels. In dynamics-365 there are new services: customer voice, connected store and fraud protection should help ensure that spacers and special requirements are maintained during the pandemic. With connected store, approximately the number of customers can be kept in a business, explanes microsoft.

Extensions for cloud services

Azure stack hci v2 (hyper-converged infrastructure) also appears as a public preview. "This makes the latest improvements for security, performance and hybrid data processing in the own data centers of companies." azure stack hci is for use "on premises" developed. Managed the service via the azure portal. Hardware partners are ready dell emc, hpe and lenovo. Azure migrate, the migration assistant should have been improved. Azure lighthouse now supports multi-factor authentication.

In microsoft’s browser edge, you can create different profiles, such as professional use and private. In the mobile version, collections can be created, which can now be provided with notes. This pdf lecture function has been extended, you can use other services at the same time and make changes that are not stored in a new version. Edge surplates web page content now in 54 languages.

Microsoft inspire also runs on wednesday. All presentation can be tracked online on the page of microsoft after registration.

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