Microsoft works on a uniform and redesigned outlook app

Microsoft works on a uniform and redesigned Outlook app

Microsoft should be under the project name "monarch" working on a fully new outlook app, media report on an appeal to insiders. It should be the same for own operating systems, macs and the web, and unite mail and calendar in operation. That "ultimate goal" prevalent "one outlook". Until the appearance, however, it was allowed to take a while. An experimental version can already be tested.

Outlook should get a uniform client based on microsoft’s existing outlook web app. So far, there are numerous different variants depending on the operating system and versions. According to windows central the new outlook will be available to all microsoft users, both private and business customers. So you need at least a microsoft account – as had. There should be offline storage capacity and partial possibilities as well as notifications when the entrance of mails and calendar dates. More details are not known yet. It is tested according to reports from the end of this year, the app should actually appear until the year.

Microsoft is already working on a new design

A new design has already moved in the outlook web version last year, this should go in the direction of the kunftig look. All office apps have also just been adapted for arm macs. Also, the user interface got a new design. Microsoft’s language assistant cortana has received new features.

Outlook for ios can read and answer e-mails and answer appointments. For android and ios, a new office app is also available to word, powerpoint and excel. With outlook spaces, microsoft has recently made its planning tool generally available that can directly control all in-house apps. This project ran under the name "mock".

[update 05.01.2021 13.30 o’clock] windows central also reports that under the project name "sun valley" window 10 should get a new user interface. In a job advertisement it should mean that microsoft should "comprehensive visual rejuvenation of windows" would like to have. She should show "windows is back".

Update 06.01.21, 13:25: we have "sun valley" dedicated to its own message:

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