Nissan leaf with 385 km range

Nissan leaf with 385 km range

As part of the consumer electronics show (ces) in las vegas, nissan has introduced the leaf with 62 kwh battery. The electric car can be ordered immediately; production starts in summer. Last year, the nissan leaf was 39.000 units the best-selling battery electrical car in europe. International also leads the compact cars sold since 2010 with uber 380.000 vehicles the statistics on.

Compared to the still offered basic version with 40 kwh (test), the capacity has increased by 55 percent. This makes a system with now 288 instead of 192 cells. The range in the wltp growth from 270 to 385 kilometers. As a waste product of the coarse battery capacity, the power for the drive is also increasing: the electric motor now has 160 instead of 110 kw (217 instead of 150 hp). Over the charging power and the resulting loading speed is not known yet. Industry connoisseurs go from over 80 kw. Also unclear is currently whether the 62 kwh battery gets an active and fluid-based thermal management.

For the market launch of the second generation of the nissan leaf the special model "2.Zero "offered. Analogue is now available for the 2019 model year the "3.Zero "with 40 kwh and the" 3.Zero e + "with 62 kwh. The basic price of the leafs amounts to 36.800 euros. For the 3.Zero are at least 40.300 euros and for the 3.Zero e + 46.500 euros fally. The extra charge for the rough battery is therefore 6200 euros.

For comparison: the volkswagen e-golf (test) is at 4.27 meters after all 22 centimeters short than the leaf, costs from 35.900 euros and has just under 36 kwh. The kia e-niro (test) is 4.35 m long and with 39 kwh (289 km range, from 34.290 euros) or with 64 kwh (455 km, from 38.To have 090 euros). The deduction of the e-niro takes place in the second quarter of 2019.

The special model limited in europe on 5000 copies 3.Zero has a new infotainment system with 8-inch screen and is based on the extensive tekna equipment. For all the leaf models of the 2019 model year, there are advanced options for personalization and more colors. In addition, the "nissanconnect ev" app was handled. The warranty also applies to the new battery as before eight years or 160.000 km.

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