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Amsterdam, 25. June 2015 – in the german van segment, the vw touran remains the mab of all things. About 1.9 million times the wolfsburg family transporter has been sold since 2003. At the new generation, volkswagen does not care about the new competition from munchen. Despite a completely new technical basis, it remains loyal to the concept of its transaction and improves mainly with the inner values.

Depending on the equipment, up to 47 trays are available, the eyewear cases, bags in all coarse and natural drink bottles. In twists, the wolfsburg engineers have developed into experts of spatial planning. Small things, such as the munzabbagfer in the air-conditioned glove compartment, the three liters rough box, including removable trash can in the front arm panel or the snapplating cup holder in the center console make life easier for family out. That up to 1.5 liters of gross bottles can be stowed in the turboards, came as a fad from the usa, today it also requires the local van riders. But the customer’s request also paid the 1.4 square meter of glass panoramic roof, which on request and cost of two practical sunglasses floated the interior with light. Good that it is also open.

Lighter and gross

When the space is used, the modular transcontact box (mqb) helps: the new touran is up to 62 kilograms easier than the process, is now 4.53 meters long (a plus of 13 centimeters), stands there, has a short overhange and a wheelbase of 2.79 meters. These are eleven centimeters more than in the process. All this comes clearly to the passengers. The second row can be moved by 20 centimeters in the long direction and when the seats are very back, the passenger has business-class legroom. The leaning can be adjusted in three steps. If you want to flat the seats, including passenger seat, so you want to get a flat loading float with up to 2.70 meters long, must pull on a loop. A more convenient variant by lever remote lock was not feasible according to vw due to the single seats including isofix holder.

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