Opel fights with mochka and adam against the lull

The car maker opel is reflected in a chunkier regardless of its acute sales crisis: for the launch of the compact sports rail (suv) mokka last weekend already 40.000 orders received, said sales and marketing officer alfred rieck on monday of the news agency dpa in frankfurt: "the mocha is the best document that our product offensive becomes a success. He is only one of three completely new models that we bring into the market within the next six months – more precisely in segments in which we have not been represented so far." from eisenach the city of adam, for which in january the official series start should be.

In addition, opel 2013 launches the cabrio cascada. In eisenach, the adam, for the approximately 190 million euros in a new hall and production facilities, is already produced, so that the small car can stand in time at the handlers. Last saturday, about 7000 visitors parked the factory landing and the production lines of opel eisenach gmbh.

Opel boss thomas sedran had the company plan in september "drive opel 2022" presented. In addition to cost reductions, for example, in the staff and manufacturing, new models are a significant core of this plan in recently neglected segments. Thus, the manufacturer wants to increase its paragraph again and after severe losses taxes in the profit zone taxes. The opel / vauxhall sales in august in the eu was 18.9 percent below the previous year’s level. In germany, opel lost almost 26 percent in september within a year’s period.

In response to the sales fleaways in the european market, the thuring the work is expected to overstate in january for two-shift operation and delete the night shift. "The aim is, from 1. January in eisenach to change in two-layered operation", had the works council of opel eisenach gmbh, harald lieske, said dpa. However, there are still a number of details to clear. "The short-time work will definitely be over the end of the year", said lieske. In october there will be phases again with short work. According to lieske, all 1600 jobs are preserved.

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