Open feudal

Open feudal

Munchen, 8. September 2015 – the best place in a luxury car are back, you mean? In a rolls royce, this is almost unregistered. At the iaa, the brand in bmw owns an interesting exception. With the rolls-royce dawn, the segment of the most expensive cabriolets gets increases.


The dawn is the open version of the wraith. What is possible when developers do not seem to get budget limits, is shown above all in the interior and at the top. Rolls royce promises one of the lowest hood in the world. 4.7 square meters measures it in total, the dam gives the brand with 180 kilograms per cubic meter. An impressive value? Well, to be able to judge, you needed comparative values that we do not know from any other manufacturer. The cover letter promises that the rawkirts in the interior with closed top largely corresponds to the wraith.

What is missing with no rolls-royce is the most famous cooler figure in the world. The "spirit of ecstasy" is perched for a tremendous front. Between her and up to four occupants lies the heartstuck of the new dawn: a 6.6 liter gross zwolfzylinder. 570 hp and a maximum torque of 780 nm were allowed to rang for stare gems – despite an empty weight of 2560 kg. Who squeezes the colos, should be reached in 4.9 seconds from the standard speed 100. The highest speed is limited to 250 km / h.

That with these output data is not a dream car for okoactivists, builders were allowed as little states as the expected pamming calculation. Even in the nefz, the heavy convertible is indicated with 14.2 liters. For the presumably non-latching gear changes, the satellite eight gear automatic transmission is responsible. It already knows the other route profile before reaching the curve and should always have the right gear in it.

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