Opinion: the vaccine trap

Opinion: The vaccine trap

In the short break i have a old acquaintance. He is a passion for infection researchers. A professor with gross working group – in the scene a virologist with rank and name. Versatile, always curious, honestly interested in bordering infections – or better to particle – to jerk. As he was – as he fuhle, i wanted to know about him, because he squeezed so squeezing and not so charming as otherwise.

Oh, what should he say. Corona. All research at this damn virus. And he and his whole institute now had to. It is important, of course, but other illnesses are that too and it was really enough colleagues. But if you are currently aware of his research – not least, so that all the young scientists and the technical staff kept their work – you just have to jump on the corona train.

A dubious development. Of course, it is good if research focuses on a global threat. But it sounds much easier than it is indeed in research, just to change the virus and just participate in a vaccine. Working groups are self-organic structures controlled by interests and talents.

On the one hand, if now "all corona make", important other research is. The researchers in infection medicine have not explored the spab tuberculosis, malaria or influenza, but because it is diseases, which, according to world health organization (who), aged one hundred thousands of deaths. And they continue to do that. Corona out or her. Nevertheless, that has published the trade magazine "the lancet" – thousands of studies under- or even canceled. You can not be carried out under the security measures that covid-19 does not require further. Whether you can be resumed again is questionable.

On the other hand, research fashion makes no quality. Canadian doctors have gained an overview of the worldwide clinical trials to corona and also published in "the lancet": until 28 july 2020, 1840 clinical trials were registered in connection with covid-19. Of them, just over 1000 studies with the management of the disease have been employed – that is how the symptoms capture and save human life.

However, there are only 30 of these clinical studies published results. The rest leased. And thus millions of research funds because researchers are forced to work in an area from which they do not understand enough. You have the wrong viewing angle, put the wrong questions, design inappropriate student designs with the wrong patients and are not firm in cohort statistics, so that the alleged answers from their studies show correlations, but no kausalitat. This is not a boser will, but simply lack of experience.

And the thick end still comes. When covid-19 is history, the infection research needs to be new to resume your research on the other diseases, knotting your loose thread. This will take and rub a luck in medical research, from which the medicine will not recover so fast.

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