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Who goes to the chaos days?

Even among punks one loves the cultivated conversation. In the discussion forum "de.Old.Soc.Punk", the german-speaking internet clone meeting for colorful hair, writes karo from austria: "if you are pissed off by the sexism in the scene, and you want to do something against it, have a look at the riot grrrl europe website.." by the way, a quite interesting tip for young women, which a certain "anschiss" rhetorically unusual counters: "sexism???? Hoho .. Cool . Who is sexist .. Mu let that out on all blob because de never popped hass?? Har har!"

The good anschiss is no stranger to the net, he owns the site www.Street punk.De, a homepage, which pays to the most visited german-speaking punk-sites in the internet. If you want to know who is behind this rather unusual (nickname), and you are not afraid of strange apostrophes, you can read there, among other things:

"So i call myself anschiss and i come from arzberg (bavaria). Well, i personally was assigned to the punk’s, and i look like one too . Actually i am quite often on the internet. (…) my real name is nico. I find all the political drivel from the left right’s total bullshit because i think since with every form of domination always one is suppressed, what remains would be anarchy. Well i finds also really moronic if one daruber discusses what punk is (…) but anyway, well i think fascists are just shit, especially the ones from arzberg, not ma 15 years they think ifse ne bomber jacket have, that they are the real skins."

And one more thing is almost a matter of course for nico: he will definitely visit hannover this year. No, not because of the expo 2000, but to participate in the point meeting planned for the first weekend in august: "who of you", he asks on his page, "drive on the chaos days? I have keen place more in the car here found and take now the train, so and everything from nurnberg – hannover onfen way lies can ick still take (we ticket), so report if someone wants to come along ."

But not only nico is planning a trip to the leine, but on almost every of the countless german-language punk net pages you can find a reference to the chaostage or at least a link to the chaos-tage page.De, which is run by former hanoverian and punk senior karl nagel and which this summer is the clear front-runner in the top 50 of all german-language punk sites.

So also the virtual point meeting naturally reports about this threatening "event", but offers, like many other sites, otherwise "scene news" and information about planned concerts. There are also song lyrics to read: for example the song "bomb" of the band "pre-war youth":

"Don’t cry when the bomb drops, (dam dam, dam dam), booze while your liver lasts (dam dam, dam dam) everything, everything passes, except the boozing. Don’t cry when your liver stings, (dam dam, dam dam) when you’re drunk you don’t feel your pain. (dam dam, dam dam)…"

And if you want to know more, you can find a well organized punk calendar on the site and here is a list of punk sites.

And at www.Chaos days.De, there will again be live coverage of the chaos days using a specially developed editorial system, as was the case with the 1. May day riots in berlin and the intended protests against the expo when it opened. Karl nagel, the ruhriger operator of the website, has recently renewed his offer to the police, which dates back to march, to use his chaos days website for official information and opinions. However, he did not receive an answer at that time, nevertheless, police officers pay among the most avid readers of this site, albeit ex officio.

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