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Panama-registered company world digital rights wants addresses and money of bittorrent users

In the current german debate on copyright law, there is much talk of users allegedly taking the power of control over their creations out of the hands of authors to an unreasonable extent. In reality, however, it is regularly not the users, but the exploiters who make short cuts against the will of the authors, or who send them warnings.

This is currently demonstrated by the case of the american metal band all shall perish, which is publicly complaining that its german label nuclear blast allegedly secretly resold exploitation rights to the panama-registered company world digital rights, which is accused of trying to make money by threatening lawsuits against bittorrent users.

When the band learned through negative reactions from supporters that world digital rights is seeking, through a florida court, the names and addresses of 80 people who have this is where it ends via bittorrent, she was, according to her manager ryan downey "shocked" and "raging". According to downey, the musicians had neither given their consent to the transfer of usage rights to world digital rights nor had they ever heard of the company. According to him, nuclear blast boss markus staiger was also clueless and suspected that exploitation rights had been transferred through unknown intermediaries.

A claim that the portal torrentfreak finds strange, to say the least – because in a brief filed in the us district court for the middle district of florida, it states that nuclear blast world digital rights has the relevant rights to the 12. March "exclusively" . From the company based in donzdorf, swabia, we have not been able to get a direct statement on the accusations so far.

Although all shall perish, according to their manager, made it unmistakably clear that the persecution of fans should come to an end, the efforts of world digital rights to release addresses continued. After the band asked the label through a lawyer to give back the rights of use and to prevent that the "copyright troll" fans faced with four-figure licensing demands, nuclear blast reportedly agreed last wednesday to instruct world digital rights accordingly. Whether this was actually done in a way that would prevent unreasonable demands for money remains to be seen.

If such unreasonable demands for money occur, then it cannot be ruled out that the band will suffer significant material damage as a result of this. The chaos computer club, in its expert report for the bundestag subcommittee published yesterday, noted that "new media" it is clear, however, that boycotts quickly spread, especially among young people, when it emerges that authors are behaving in a way that is harmful to users.

However, it is difficult to differentiate between what is a boycott – and what is lulled to sleep attention to works, which – to put it mildly – do not necessarily have to be paid to the world cultural heritage. If, for example, the german reading public were to show less interest in charlotte roche in the future, this could be due both to the fact that she was willing to be harnessed in a prominent position for an exploitation campaign, and to the fact that more people are finding that experience payments from an ex-viva presenter who shaves her rosette are fully talk show-worthy, but only conditionally readable.

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