Report: “iphone 12” with 5g problems in europe

How fareste is the 5g support in the new "iphone 12" be? The gates that are presented today could have restrictions in supporting the different frequency bands. In any case, the british newspaper reports telegraph.

Deutsche telekom in the advantage?

According to the message apple supposedly does not plan to support the 700 mhz band. That should "industrial insider" have put the leaf. In the great britain, this lower spectrum is used standard mab, as it promises the most width room cover. This was given to the provider three in the hands of the 700 mhz spectrum gained various other frequency bands.

In germany, the mobile service providers also act different with 5g frequency use. Deutsche telekom relies on the band n1 at 2100 mhz, where only 3g sparked so far. Vodafone, on the other hand, preferably uses the frequencies of the digital dividend ii at 700 mhz on tape n28. Vodafone promises a better supply in the flat and indoors. Additional antennas at high frequencies should create additional capacity at vodafone, where it is needed. Accordingly, that could "iphone 12" at the telekom first have a better cover, the 700 mhz spectrum really should not be supported.

Qualcomm delivers radio chips

At o2 sparks since october 150 5g stations, about berlin, hamburg, munchen, koln and frankfurt. Furthermore, stuttgart, dusseldorf, essen and potsdam are posed. "For this we rely on the frequencies in 2019 at 3.6 ghz, which provide customers with large-scale 5g speeds and capacity", write the carrier.

Which frequency band apple is actually covered, should result in the course of the evening. The technique that the company uses is by qualcomm. On own mobile chips apple has been working for several years, which were allowed to be ready for production in the coming years.

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