Zurich, 4. September 2014 – long enough one tried at volkswagen to use the topic of hybrid drive. More than 15 years after the first toyota prius now also sends vw to send a golf with electric and gasoline engine to the handlers. The german approach, however, is a mere other than the japanese: already the system performance of 204 hp clarifies, the maximum economy apparently had only second priority. We have already turned a first reperunter with the golf gte.

Known drive

The vw golf gte is driven by a hybrid drive consisting of a 75 kw electric motor and a 150 hp 1,4-liter tsi gasoline engine. The same strand with lithium-ion battery and plug-in system furs laden at home also uses the audi a3 sportback e-tron, which will also give it from the end of the year.

The first trip quickly becomes clear: the hybrid golf is a mix of two characters. On the one hand, he emphasizes the gt of "gran turismo" in his name, on the other hand, he can play, depending on the set mode, neatly the muscles. 204 hp and up to 350 nm torque make impression. This is already attributing to traces when electric motor and combusters move together in a strand and speed up the funfturer at a minimum of 7.6 seconds at speed 100. This is just a tenth of a second more than the 184 hp golf gtd needs. In the top runs the hybrid car 217 km / h. Automotive waiver sounds different.

But the performance is just one side, the car also has the stuff for long stretches. Not only because of his tight but comfortable seats, but above all through his quiet drive. It’s hard to horns and traces when the burner switches off or switches. The gte has kept a lot of golf suppleness, the chassis builds unevenness surprisingly well. Of the approximately 200 kilograms of additional weight compared to the gtd is not much to run for fast right-left change, the gte is handy.

Different modes eligible

As with hybrid cars, various modes can be prevented in the gte golf, which can either be able to eliminate the progress of either purely electrically, keep the battery voltage at a certain level or leave the battery from the burner during the journey. But you can also delegate everything to an automatic mode that meets an optimal driving style the right choice for electro drive, otto or the combination of both. Ads in the center console betray as well as the so-called "powermeter" instead of the tachometer, which is exactly what component of the drive does.

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