Tesla bounces against saddle tractor – us authority determines again

Tesla bounces against saddle tractor - US authority determines again

An accident with an electric car of the tesla brand again made aware of the us traffic safety offenses nhtsa. On monday morning, a tesla is crashed on a highway new jersey against a saddle tractor. The 44-year-old driver suffered slight injuries, the tesla a total loss, especially the roof was destroyed.

The driver had stated according to the police of south brunswick, while driving the cruise on the cruise to have been on, he had been properly distracted. The car then lost the track and was advised against the truck brand freightliner. According to reuters, the nhtsa has contacted tesla and the state police.

No autopilot at the factory

Unlike in connection with others of the total of 27 tesla-perishes, where the nhtsa comments, is not the driving assistance system autopilot the speech. This is also troubled because of his name, through which the tesla users could mean to devote themselves to other things during the ride. Most recently, such an accident had become known from the us state of michigan a week ago.

Rather, the current accident suits the campaign planned for april "u drive. U text. U pay." of the us department of transport. With increased police chance and a media campaign, it should be ensured that the car drivers are no longer handling their smartphone on the way or distract themselves in other ways. In south brunswick alone will have died last year under such circumstances five people.

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