Up high?

Up high?

Biarritz (france), 17. April 2013 – suvs are in vogue, which is especially true for the compact examples. The opel mokka is currently selling so well that similar concepts from other manufacturers can be expected soon. From france come this year the peugeot 2008 and the renault captur. We were able to try out the latter shortly before it went on sale.

Individual design

The captur is the third body variant of the new clio after the hatchback and the grandtour station wagon. However, unlike the other models, the small crossover offers a ground clearance of 17 centimeters. In addition to different color combinations and patterns for the roof, the exterior mirror housings, the fog lamp catchers and numerous trim strips can also be individualized – mini and fiat 500 let you dig.

Fine diesel

The energy dci 90 with 90 hp and a maximum torque of 220 nm was ready for a first drive. The acceleration time of 13.1 seconds to 100 km/h is enough to keep up with the flow of traffic at all times. On a slope, however, the car only gets off the mark fairly quickly. Up to a top speed of 171 km. The manufacturer states that the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine consumes 3.6 liters of diesel in the nedc; in practice, a figure of around five liters is easily achievable. The noise level in the small french car is restrained; only in the lower rev range is the diesel a bit grumpy.

The edc dual-clutch transmission will probably also be available for the diesel in the fall. At the moment, it is only available in conjunction with at least the 19.390 euros for the 120-hp gasoline engine. This engine is already offered in the megane as energy tce 115, but performs a bit better here. The entry-level model is the three-cylinder gasoline engine with 90 hp familiar from the clio.290 is available. An all-wheel drive version is not planned, all engines have front-wheel drive.


The funfgang gearbox is operated via an easily accessible gearshift. The connections are suitable, the shifting paths crisp. The suspension proved to be quite soft and comfortable in the french tradition. In conjunction with the somewhat indirect steering, the 1.56-meter-high captur tends to lean to one side in sharp turns. Renault has saved on the brakes, as only drum brakes are fitted at the rear.

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