Anniversary edition

Anniversary edition

Stuttgart, 4. June 2013 – the successor to the porsche 356 was one of the stars of the show at the 1963 iaa. 50 years later, a special model of the current model is to remind us of the beginnings. It will be officially presented again at the iaa in frankfurt.

Fuchs rims

The somewhat bumpily named "50 years of 911 " special 911 follows a long anniversary tradition. There was already a special model for the anniversary in 1993, based on the 964 series at that time. Ten years later, a corresponding model of the 996 followed. The 2013 anniversary model is based on the 400-hp 911 carrera the edition is limited to 1963 units. A visual feature is the wide rear end, which otherwise only the all-wheel drive 911s get. A sports exhaust is to provide the appropriate sound.

Many details should remind of the early versions of the 911. The 20-inch rims with matte black paint and shiny star are a tribute to the famous fuchs rims "fuchs rims". A little chrome was added to the front air intake, the slats of the engine compartment grille and the trim between the taillights. There are also various "911 50" badges at the rear and in the interior bi-xenon headlights with dynamic cornering lights come as standard.

Basic numbers

In the interior, the center panels of the seats quote the "pepita" check pattern of the 1960s. The driver also looks at classically labeled instruments: green numbers and white hands. The performance of the special model, which is also available with pdk at extra cost, is not at all nostalgic. It goes from zero to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 300 km per hour. The special series of the 911 goes on sale at the end of september 2013. Its price is 121.119 euros, which is a good 16.000 euros more than a normal 911 carrera s costs.

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