Atmosphere in the wind turbine industry significantly increases

Atmosphere in the wind turbine industry significantly increases

The wind turbine looks into the future with gross confidence. "In particular, the long-term market statements contribute to a good rating in the onshore and offshore wind industry", if it is in a communication of the hamburg fair, which is regularly raising the mood in the industry in connection with the winchenergy trade fairy trade fair.

Asia and north america as an act

"The major winners in the mood barometer include the market in europe and north america, which can significantly expand their positions." the current market situation for wind power on land (onshore) is positively increased by market players as well as the future prospects. In addition to asia, especially north america is considered the driver: since the change of power of prasident donald trump to joe biden, the us is planning a strong expansion in producing wind energy.

For wind power at sea (offshore), the positive comments of the experts are even better: "in particular, north america can significantly improve its rating and records a new record", reports the hamburg fair.

Outlook in germany is improving

Even for germany, the mood is standing up: "according to the partially extreme negative values in the fourth quarter of 2019, the mood in the german wind industry has brightened significantly." in the evaluation of the current market situation for the onshore wind industry, germany slowly recalls the positive area, while at the offshore wind industry, the start-up continues and positive values can be achieved.

Above all, the long-term prospect is optimistic: the market situation in two years, both at the onshore and offshore wind industries, will receive the best values since the collection of the 2018 for the first time calculated for the first time.

Way to green hydrogen

Rough hopes set the wind energy industry to sustainably produced hydrogen. "For about 70 percent of respondents, there is a medium to very high probability that the production of green hydrogen in the next three years will play an essential role for wind energy", it is called in the message. So-called gruner hydrogen, which is recovered with renewable energy, is considered one of the hope carrier in the fight against climate change. It can serve as the basis for power and fuels, for example in industry and transport the use of coal, ol and natural gas. The federal government wants to drive the expansion of renewable energies from wind and sun in germany.

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