Cold remedy dispute before the highest court in paris

The cold remedy dispute between daimler and france will enter the next legal stage at the end of august. On 23. August, the supreme administrative court will hear the carmaker’s application for an interim injunction, it was announced on tuesday at the conseil d’etat in paris.

Since the beginning of july, france has refused to register the compact models of the a-, b- and cla-class, which had been certified by the german federal motor transport authority as using the old r134a refrigerant. Paris had received backing for this from brussels. From the point of view of daimler and the german authorities, the type approvals are valid throughout europe.

A court in versailles had suspended the approval because of a procedural error. The ministry in paris immediately announced that the clause would be implemented in accordance with the rules. Under the clause, an eu country can ban the registration of vehicles for up to six months if there is a risk to safety or the environment. A decision in the dispute will ultimately be made by the eu commission.

Daimler refuses to use a new vehicle because it caught fire in its own accident simulations. The chemical is currently the only substance that meets an eu directive on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from car air-conditioning systems.

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