Munchen, 6. December 2012 – the tuv sud presented the shortage report 2013. He refers to the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012. About 300.000 cars purchased with the help of scrapping program in 2009 came for the first time for the first time during this period. However, the young cars could not stop the lack of defects. The average ratio of significant lack increased by 0.3 percentage points to a total of 20 percent. The most common reason for complaints is the lighting.

Number of main examinations increased

Three years after the scrapping program, the then purchased cars provide a decent thrust at the total numbers for the tuv report. Accordingly, the sum of the main examinations of almost 7.8 grown to more than 8.1 million. However, the trend of rising shortfalls can only be braked. Especially with the debutants, the shortage rate of 5.1 to 6.1 percent has risen. More than half of the vehicles of all ages are very unplugged: your share has risen from 48.3 percent to more than 55 percent for five years ago. On the other hand, the quota of significant lack of cars of all ages has increased slightly: every fun car (20 percent) fell in the first run by the hu (tuv report 2012: 19.7 percent).

"The defect rate for the two to three-year cars shows that there are weary vehicle parts that can already fall in young car years", john naumann says from the association of technical monitoring associations (vdtuv). "Most comforting the lighting." also occasionally defects on axes, steering, exhaust or brakes young car complained.

Vw polo for the first time

The "golden badge" for the fewest deficiency this year goes to the vw polo. Only 2.2 percent of polos, which the first time drove to hu, fell through significant lack. On place two and three are the mazda 3 with 2.7 percent and the audi q5 with 2.8 percent. The toyota prius, winner of the two previous years, lands in the first-time vehicles with 3.5 percent seven place. In four place, the toyota avensis lands with 2.9 percent, in place fuf the vw golf plus with an average shortage rate of 3.1 percent.

Lack of the cheap

The dacia logan, one of the models, which have benefited strongly from scrapping program, is a preliminary ratio of 13.3 percent, the fiat panda with 11.7 percent. The penultimate is the fiat doblò with 12.3 percent, third in the third thing is with an average shortfall rate of 12 percent of the daihatsu sirion. Thus, any of this levers must be presented a second time at the first main examination.

For the models at the age of four to five years, the toyota prius lies with a quota of four percent in the first place. The red lantern in this age group gets the dacia logan with a shortfall of 25.8 percent. We are curious how the new model will beat.

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