Drive to the car cinema with red number is irregular

Driving into a car with a car with a red license plate, represents an administrative offense. Such "expaimed use" if a clear passion against the vehicle council ordinance, it is called in a recent judgment of the higher regional court (olg) dusseldorf. A € 90 euro imposed by this is appropriate, reports the telephone legal advice of the german lawyer hotline in nurberg over the decision (file number iii-3 rbs 143-11).

In that case, the driver of an opel with a red license plate, which had been stopped by a police patrol on the spaded evening, stated to be the night presentation of the local cinema. Reason enough for the confirmation of the order for unauthorized use of its still not for public transport authorized vehicle to be assessed.

And rightly how the olg decided in second instance. "The allocation of a short-term or exercise sign and the transfer of the associated vehicle registration certificate does not constitute any coverage in the interests of the statutory provisions", alleged lawyer alexandra wimmer. This is due to the allotment of a regular license plate and the copy of an official document receipt.

Motor vehicles with red number or visitors can therefore only be used for examining, trial or exercise rides. The leading and enchanted at least is dependent on a concrete course of the journey, the lawyer. And, according to the prescription text, just no pleasure rides.

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