Driving report: vw passat gte

Driving report: vw passat gte

Vw had to react, because the passat is about a lot: the share of the commercial liabilities was in 2018 in germany at the over 80 percent, the diesel content in the meantime at more than 90 percent. Sure, the passat is the classic company car. If this over decades is quite stable market into stumbling, vw gets a problem. The tax new regulation of the private use of service cars with e-motor has the stuff to uplift this part of the market. The revision of the vw passat would like to expect a targeted reaction. We were already able to get a first impression of the passat gte.

So far, the plug-in hybrid drive in passat was a niche model. Whether it will change, the time must show. Vw the motors and the transmission unnecessary. A recharged 1.4-liter gasoline engine makes 115 kw, an electric motor 85 kw. System performance is 160 kw (218 hp). Since the question is put back to us again and again: no, the achievements of the two engines do not add themselves positively because they deliver their maximum power at different speeds.

E plus

So far, the battery in the passat gte (test) had 9.9 kwh, now it’s 13. In the wltp, the for up to 55 km is rich in electric ride, our reverundy showed a maximum of 41 km. Electricity into the battery can come in different ways. At a 230 volt socket can be charged with a maximum of 2.3 kw, on a wallbox with 360 volts with 3.6 kw. Of course, the gte can also recuperate. With the update vw has a little further hiding a further possibility: so far, you could directly dial a mode in which the gasoline serves as a drive for the generator. It has probably hardly used anyone in practice, because the energy balance is scary. In the overworked passat, the driver in hybrid mode can now determine whether the charge level of the battery held, increased or lowered, so be used.

Vw promises in wltp consumption values between 1.7 and 1.8 liters – information due to the crude calculation for plug-in hybrid. Already in the nefz was the bill for the part-electricians not quite simple, for the wltp one has agreed on formulas, which almost distances comparability. After our exit, the on-board computer indicated 6.8 liters, where there is still potential still down here. Currently, the gte is currently the only passat who fulfills the euro 6d binding emission standard from january 2021. All others sends vw to the first customers with the euro 6d temp. This must be improved in the coming year. Vw makes it like most competitors and builds on the fact that a relevant part of the clientele knows the problem so exactly.


160 kw system performance, 400 nm torque – that should also be sufficient at a curb weight of more than 1.7 tonnes for fleet performance. Vw calls 7.6 seconds in the standard sprint, a maximum of 225 km / h possible, purely electric after all 140. But the car potent with no fiber such a thing as sports spirit. He is a serene gait much more rather, which is then rewarded with a really very low rush level – which basically distinguishes him from the so often ordered diesel passat. The dual-clutch transmission (internally: dq400e) sorts its six way then discreetly in the background. It has been installed for several years and is, unlike the dq200 with dry clutches, has previously remained relatively essential.

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