Driving report vw t-roc r

Volkswagen equips the t-roc with the engine of the golf r. Despite intensive revision, it will definitely remember the crossover. Physics can not be floating. But probably the offer of a crossover model in the r-palette is due only to the unbroken run on the suvs. A reasonable explanation as a broadening of the offer at his most relevant side is not available for this purpose.

Jost capito has been leading volkswagen r department since june 2017 and now shows with the vw t roc r, that driving dynamics also no longer need to play in favor of volkswagen in favor of the most useful bodyworks. Because the t-roc (test) is a crossover – a car with a high body on a chassis with more ground clearance. Now with the four-cylinder turbo of the golf r. As "golf r on stels" capito wants to know the t-roc r but not understood and responds with emphasis: "the t roc r should be a country-honeymoon."

The roof load had to stay

"We conducted a lot of development effort at the chassis," explores capito and reported on endless voting rides on the nordburgring nordburgring with one goal of getting the 4.35 meter t-roc with its 1575 kilograms fit for the state. That the roof load of 75 kilograms had to be maintained, did not make the task easier. Finally, sporty customers should continue to take their riders in the mountains and attract a caravan.

On the highway, the t roc r beats itself thanks to its 221 kw / 300 hp with a sprint time of 4.8 seconds and a highest speed of 250 km / h before very wacker. The driveability benefits laceably from an incredibly elastic force: the highest torque of the charged four-cylinder of 400 nm ranges from 2000 to 5200 / min. An optional acrapovic sports exhaust system allows a technically completely unnecessary changing of the sound spectrum of kerig to bollern – within the standard values. The average consumption amounts to 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers – as part of the norm and thus far below what else is so faded. How much that is about, we do not want to act after the short test drive. Despite the already possible classification in the euro 6d remains with euro 6d temp, which can be awarded until night year.

Tricksen with the haldexcutring

In driving mode "comfort" it goes despite the 19-inch tires in the 40s cross section pretty relaxed-comfortable. It is interesting on the curvy secondary strain, justifies the t roc-r here the dynamic limit of a suv still move up. The four-wheel drive with haldex coupling is a central control lever. When it goes straight, the driving force over the front roller, but already with the lowest slip, the rear axle participates in the propulsion. In order to export the crossover to the collective as far as possible, the technicians allow a higher yaw rate (rotation around the high axis), allow the haldex clutch to give more torque backwards and thus give the rear more residence. This should increase the driving spab in the r model.

Turns the t-roc with the "race" mode sharp, it is really fast around the corners, but the underwater inclination, the high center of gravity and the wheelbase (2.59 meters) is not completely sluggished and the high-legged volkswagen starts sometime over push the front wheel. In addition, the steering in r mode offers higher random.

We found an individual configuration possibility of pleasant: gas acceptance and the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission on "sport", the precise steering to "normal" and the adaptive steamer depending on the strain cover. In the esp submenu, the setting "sports", which allows easy rear swing and making the feeling of a better balance. The brake, unaccepted from the performance package of the golf r can be dotted pleasantly fine-flavored.

Operation no longer incorporated

The seats are convenient and the infotainment with the eight-inch capacitive touchscreen, whose control panels are already shopping in the amption of the hand, leaving little advice to the operation. However, the graphics and the presentation offer no more current vw level more and the hard plastic cockpit flatters with the colored applications perhaps the eye, but not the sense of touch. That smartphones can be integrated by android auto or apple carplay, belong to a vehicle of this price range for good sound nowadays. For the assistance systems, the t-roc offers a lot: led light, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, tracking assistant, dead angle warning and a emergency brake assistant. From now on the t-roc r can be orderable, for not quite cheap 43.995 euro.

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