Esim: apple cranks use for apple watch

ESIM: Apple cranks use for Apple Watch

Who wants to put his apple watch with lte without iphone into the net, requires an embedded sim card, the so-called esim. This is digitally written to the computer clock. So far, user had found in germany that they were also able to obtain an esim for the watch for certain discounters – such as the provider winsim – and not only with apple’s mobile phone partners telekom, vodafone and o2.

An update of network operator settings, which may have been part of the youngest ios and watchos versions, then asks this. This is the colleague of iphone ticker.De noticed.

Debugging uses nothing

The computer clock can now no longer connect with the network with the discounter of a multisim / multicard from the discounter, as was previously possible. Expert debugging steps (flight mode on / off, connect to the iphone loose, complete resurface fails. Apparently, apple has started with the updates to exclude third party providers. Also the so far possible way of activating the esim per qr code on the watch now does not seem possible.

The use of an esim multicard for the apple watch is "technically transitional way possible" winsim shared with customers affected – they have these "capacity but not guaranteed at any time".

For the apple watch has always been that the mobile service provider must be equal to the iphone and the computer clock, an esim with a non-resistant phone number can not be independently activate on the clock.

These providers are officially

Thus, users are forced to use only one of the officially approved mobile service providers if they want to miss their apple watch with lte a network access – in addition, the extraction of a runtime contract is required. These are three: deutsche telekom, vodafone and o2. In switzerland, users of sunrise and swisscom folded, in austria it is a1 and magenta.

Lte since 2017 with on board

Lte has already optional the apple watch since series 3, which appeared in autumn 2017, optional and at an additional cost. The purpose is to use internet services in watchos without having to be his iphone or in a wi-fi – as this was as sooner. So can users with the watch send messages, calls, music stream and use internet-trimmed apps without wearing the smartphone.

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