Express duo

Express duo

Koln, 8. September 2014 – petrol engine with around 200 hp and diesel with 180 hp are more in the compact class than the majority of the buyers gone. Nevertheless, numerous manufacturers mix exactly in this supposedly narrow segment with. Now peugeot also delivers its contribution. The new 308 gt is offered with a 205 hp petrol engine and a 180 hp diesel.

The petrol engine picks up 1.6 liters capacity 205 hp and a maximum torque of 285 nm, which applies between 1750 and 4500 / min. These are just under 50 hp and 45 nm more than the most powerful gasoline in the 308 offered. It is only offered with a six-speed manual transmission and should be in the nefz with 5.6 (sedan) or. 5.8 liters (station wagon). He is charged by a twin scroll turbocharger. Inlet and outlet camshafts are adjustable, additional valve lift on the inlet side is variable.

Favorant in the nefz

The strength diesel in the 308 gt also opened no new segment. Especially the german manufacturers are in this class wide represented: vw golf gtd, opel astra biturbo cdti, ford focus st diesel and bmw 120d are just a few representatives. The peugeot occurs there with 180 hp and 400 nm, but unlike all competitors, it offers the strong self-toe only in conjunction with a six-speed automatic. Consumption in the nefz is given with 4 liters. To this also compared to the opponents quite good value, among other things, the third generation common rail system should contribute with a maximum of 2000 bar injection prere.

Shifting with known ingredients

The gt equipment should also give the 308 a slightly sporty paint. For this he gets from factory 18-inch alloy wheels, a protruding towards the other 308 models somewhat a firmer suspension, which minimizes the body’s body. The gt is also the "driver sport pack" series. At the touch of a button there is a "rich and sportier" motor sound, red ads in the instrument cluster, a tighter design of the steering, more direct gas pedal characteristic and a quicker automatic transmission at diesel. All this should take care of sports car lovers for enthusiasm, says peugeot.

Price? Begin?

When exactly the 308 gt, which it will be as a sedan and as a station wagon, comes on the market, is not fixed yet. Also to the exact performance or at prices peugeot did not want to do not yet. There is a first indication of the most expensive 308 models. The sedan with the 156-hp gasoline engine costs in the extensive equipment allure 25.050 euros. The diesel with 150 hp and automatic is currently from 28.300 euros offered. Who for the gasoline gt with around 28.000 euro and for the diesel with just over 30.000 euro expects, is probably already close.

Corrigendum 10. September

In the original text, a particularly dunnes ol of the viscosity 0w15 had been mentioned. Demand at peugeot germany has shown that the press release was wrong at this point. For the hdi engine ol the viscositat 0w30 is prescribed.

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