Extreme networks oscillate the end of flash

Extreme Networks oscillate the end of Flash

The blocking of flash content by adobe leads to certain management surfaces of extreme networks products since the 12. January 2021 are no longer available. Components are affected with the so-called wing gui, for example wireless access points and wireless lan controller.

First of all, a change of client system time as a proposal for a workaround was found on the manufacturer’s pages, which, however, has long-reaching side effects. This note has since disappeared. Now extreme networks for configuration refers to access via command line (ssh or console) and for monitoring to the "extreme cloud iq free connect level". A new release for the wing manager is expected to be available in the coming days.

Something that takes a long timeĀ … – or not

It is unclear why the manufacturer has not respected the support end of flash. Already in november 2019 he had informed that one work on a solution for the time after the flash end. Even for its switches of the extreme exos series, extreme shared in july 2020, that from version 16.12+ no flash more used.

On 31. December 2020 adobe has officially set the support for the flash player after years of flow. In addition, the manufacturer blocked with headquarters in the us attendan san jose since the 12. January 2021 exhibition flash-based content.

In his user forum, extreme networks has an update for the windows-based application wing-man 1, extreme networks for this wednesday, 12 o’clock est (6 pm cet).0.4 confirmed to enable management before providing an html5 gui. The same forum shows that some users currently with workarounds such as the exchange of dll files due to those of old versions (under safety aspects not recommended) and the other of the flash configuration file mms.Experiment cfg, which seems to work.

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