Facebook wants to become standard messenger on the iphone

Facebook wants to become standard messenger on the iPhone

Facebook, the largest social network of the world, was happy to become a standard software on the iphone with one of his messenger apps. According to a report by the it-fachblatt the information, the company is currently trying to use appropriate prere on apple. The starting point is a new function in ios 14, which allows it to select both the default browser and the default e-mail program. Chrome, firefox, gmail or hey already use this feature, even if there was a bug in the meantime, which restarts the setting after a restart.

Facebook messenger as default

Facebook viceprasident stan chudnovsky, head of the messenger app on facebook, meant in conversation the information, his company has the feeling that people "the selection under different messaging apps and the default app on your phone" have. "Everything moves in this direction", he claimed. Apple itself does not pretend to determine the standard message application in ios 14. Accordingly, apple’s own imessage app, which also supports sms and mms, is selected here.

Facebook operates with facebook messenger and whatsapp two of the most popular messenger platforms on the planet. The company had combined both programs – also in growing with direct messages at instagram -. This is howsapp in his splash screen always as "from facebook" titulated, even if many users do not realize that dasfur 2014 for 19 billion us dollars amed took the social networking giant.

"Equal opportunity" facebook

Chudnovsky called for apple to do so in the messenger area "equal opportunity" to accomplish. This is currently not really available. This is not like this. "That was allowed to compete fairer where ios is dominant." chudnovksy, in particular, means richer markets in which iphones have a high market share. The manager also means that apple imessage uses as a trap assistance for its hardware that the technology is only supported by apple.

Facebook currently goes to several fronts against apple. So the company wants to pay less commissions to apple and has "unfair practices" the eu comprises the apple allegedly persecuted.

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