Fake shop exchanges ps5 customers: warning ago “playstation sony.eu”

Fake shop exchanges PS5 customers: Warning ago'playstation-sony.eu''playstation-sony.eu'

Who currently wants to acquire a playstation 5, requires a lot of gluck, patience or money. Since the demand exceeds the offer far, new console deliveries are sold out for online handlers within minutes. Resale grasps handler with so-called scalper bots and offer the playing devices with several hundred euro surcharge on sales platforms like ebay.

The high merit options attract professionals. About the easter holidays we have noticed a particularly complicated site. Who after "buy ps5" googled, finds a display of the website for a few days "playstation sony.Eu". The website is available as a direct sales of sony. The console is advertised with elaborately animated graphics, they can also be ordered in the shop next to the two console variants, including the official accessories in the form of gamepads, cameras and vr helmets.

Serious occurrence

Fake shop exchanges PS5 customers: Warning ago'playstation-sony.eu''playstation-sony.eu'

The online shop offers the ps5 velvet accessories to choose from. All devices are original.

The professional presentation initially indicates an official site of sony. Suitable that gaming websites recently reported that sony’s own direct distribution for the ps5 wool.

Who continues to scroll on the website, finds the true company address of sony in london, the number of a support hotline as well as written in english and privacy clarifications. In order to enjoy the requirements of the dsgvo, they had to be written in german in german, because the website is also aimed at customers in germany.


All the hardware is actually available, it is on the website. A delivery is possible according to the great britain and europe. All prices correspond to the official information provided by sony and delivered free free house within 30 days.

We are ordering an order and should enter the name and address, telephone number as well as a contactability via messenger such as whatsapp or telegram. The information was mandatory before we came to enter the payment information. The shop also accepts visa and mastercard, garnished with the logos "verified by visa" as "mastercard secure code". Credit card and prune number are finally entered on a form that carries the logo of hsbc bank in great britain. Although the form conveyor made over an allegedly wrong telephone code, after a few experiments it worked. We did not have to click on an otherwise necessarily necessary control potency for the confirmation of the terms and conditions.

Fake shop exchanges PS5 customers: Warning ago'playstation-sony.eu''playstation-sony.eu'

His credit card details should be entered into an alleged form of real existing hsbc bank.

For the confirmation, we received an e-mail with one "order number", the address data and the amount with which our credit card was charged. We only had to authorize the payment of 2-factor authentication. For that a few seconds later, a telegram message from playstation-sony remembered.Eu.

Error in fine print

Another confirmation that the payment was made was initially off. With the order number and its mail address, however, can be found on the website of the "order status" interrogate. We received an error message that the status is only available after 24 hours. This should not change afterwards.

In the confirmation email became a contact phone number "8-800-302-50-49" stated. This 800 number does not belong to the great britain, but to russia. The specified telegram user "https: // t.Me / store_sony_eu" did not exist.

Fake shop exchanges PS5 customers: Warning ago'playstation-sony.eu''playstation-sony.eu'

If a shop on the internet is directed to customers in germany, he must write to agb and privacy clarification in german.

As a contract partner, the terms and conditions "sony interactive entertainment america trading llc d / b / a sony ps5 ™ store ("sieat")" at. According to this, a sony department in the usa had a company in great britain under the name "sony ps5 store europe ltd" founded. A look into the british commercial register showed: one "sony ps5 store europe ltd", from which the web shop is supposedly operated, there is not there.

When calling the contact number " +44 (800) 707-40-43" in the great britain was an english announcement to horen, the ared, as support, every customer is taken very seriously. After about a minute waiting loop interrupted the connection.

Fake shop exchanges PS5 customers: Warning ago'playstation-sony.eu''playstation-sony.eu'

The alleged address actually leads to sony in london, but one "sony ps5 store europe ltd" does not exist according to the british trading wagon.

A who is query of the domain led to the ip address, which go to a google cloud server in california. Another entry refers to the domain "mx.Ukraine.Com.Among others". However, the registrant is "not disclosed!" all official websites of sony like "www.Playstation.Com" while are registered on sony.

Russia, ukraine, london, california: the tracks run in the sande. Notes on possible members may provide google, where the taders riveted a server and buy advertising.

Mastercard roch lunte

While sony has not responded to our inquiry, so far, whether said web-shop may belong to the group, but the indexes speak a clear language. This also confirm reader feedbacks, of which the online magazine games.De reported on the edge of a message. Customers who order a ps5 velvet accessory on the website will certainly not receive a console.

By no means, the operator talks about a fault of the transport company for complaints, because in the terms and conditions it is called: "purchases of physical items from sony ps5 ™ store are sent by a third party carrier pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss for search items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier." the customer should therefore bear the full risk for transport.

Exchange takes on

The provider promises to burden the credit card until the goods were sent; however, he tried immediately as soon as he had the data of our credit card. Mastercard, however, locked the transfer and did not lead them out. Whether this was due to a workforce of the tatter or the fraud detection of mastercard had jumped, the employee of the lock hotline could not tell us, since he has the associated error message "before never seen" have.

At the online guard of the police lower saxony we have now refunded ad against the shop. We advise all easy of "playstation sony.Eu", when ordering, credit cards used can be blocked immediately and already completed transfers if possible, to cancel. The design of the website, which is still online at the moment, suggests a high level of qualitaires when scams with fake shops, which is only looking through into more accurate analyzes.

Update, 9.4.2021, 12:15 clock: meanwhile, sony has officially confirmed that the website did not belong to sony. New analyzes of urlscan.Io suggest that it is a coarse network of fake shops, which are generously controlled by ukraine. The ip address therefore refers to a google cloud server in brussel. Further details read in this heise message.

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