Fiat: illegal defeat devices in diesel engines

The german federal ministry of transport accuses fiat of using "inadmissible" defeat devices in diesel engines. This emerges from a letter from the department of alexander dobrindt (csu) to the eu commission, which was made available to the deutsche presse-agentur on thursday. At first the wirtschaftswoche reported about it.

According to the magazine, this is the first time since the volkswagen case that an authority has accused a car manufacturer of such deliberate manipulation of exhaust gas treatment. Up to now, only volkswagen had admitted to having tampered with emissions tests. This had triggered the diesel affair with billions in restitutions at germany’s largest company and millions of car recalls.

With regard to fiat, the letter criticizes, among other things, a shutdown of the exhaust gas prere after 22 minutes. From the ministry’s point of view, "evidence of the use of an illegal defeat device has now been established". There had already been a suspicion against fiat vehicles since the end of may 2016. However, the company had stressed it was not using illegal software.

The italian approval authority also ruled out the presence of a defeat device, according to the ministry’s letter. Fiat would not comment on the current accusations when asked by the wirtschaftswoche fiat did not wish to comment further on the current allegations, but confirmed that the vehicles in question "meet the applicable emission requirements.

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