First stable hull for the airpods max

First stable hull for the airpods max

Despite more than 600 euros: instead of a real hulle, apple’s freshny used airpods max only a so-called smart case. This is attached to the earproof and then ensures that the uber-ear headhorians expire into a bizarchy deep sleep – but it does not protect the bugel nor serves as a carrying case. The well-known apple accessory specialist waterfield designs from san francisco now make a remedy here and with the airpods max shield case a specially designed for the new apple audio tool packaged packaging brought on the market.

Energy saving mode is supported

The shield case is a classic oval hull in which the airpods max completely disappear. It is paused with a velvety material and consists of wholegrain leather plus "ballistic" nylon or waxed canvas. A total of four colors are offered: chocolate, black, blue and carmine red. Conveniently integrated is a magnetic system that includes apple’s smart case functionality – "magnetic leather butterfly" purchases the airpods max in the low-power mode. Two aubans – one with friction closure – serve for accessories.

Carse and heavy as the airpods max

However, the spab is not cheap: waterfield designs that produces its products directly in california requires for the airpods max shield case whopping 100 us dollars. With 24 times 6 times 23 centimeters and a weight of 317 or 408 grams plus airpods max, it is so voluminous. Theoretical, it is even possible to insert the airpods max including smart case.

Waiting time at hulle and headhorist

Waterfield designs sells the hulle in production cycles, which are already sold out – who ordered currently, preserves the shield case mid-february. However, apple himself can only make his own airpods max only difficult. The colors space gray and silver will not be sent before the end of february, all others (green, sky blue and pink) only at eight to ten weeks. The price for the airpods max went up to 612.70 euros after the vat level of the federal government.

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