Gaming-ultrabook: dell xps 17 discharges when playing with power supply

The gaming ultrabook xps 17 and its workstation sister model precision 5750 have a problem with the power supply. The latter does not provide enough electricity under high capacity utilization, so that the notebooks have to access the battery despite connected power adapter. The result: the battery is unloading.

In a statement against the website notebook check determined dell that this represents a desired behavior, but not in the observed eubab. Accordingly, the power supply should deliver 130 watts as the xps 15 (2020). The xps 17 (2020) needs in the top with the eight core processor core i7-10850h and the player graphic chip geforce rtx 2060 about 135 watts. 5 watt difference were driving to such a slow discharge that users barely knows something. In return, the power supply remains more compact.

Usb-c connection limited

In fact, the xps 17 and precision 5750 but only with about 105 watts charge, so that the battery capacity decreases with full utilization in less than two minutes by one percent. Or otherwise printed out: after not even three hours, processor and graphics chip due to the insertion energy saving mode.

The notebooks are charged via one of the usb type c connections. Both the usb implementer forum as well as intel see a maximum power consumption of 100 watts at usb power delivery and thunderbolt 3. Dell deviates with 130 watts from the specification, which works without problems with the xps 15 (2020). Why the xps 17 (2020) and precision 5750 pull less power is not known. Dell examines the problem.

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