Google i – o: details of sinking app for developers

Google I-O: Details about sinking app for developers

In marz, google has called for a reduction in emerging in particular for smaller developers. From the first million us dollar annual sales in the google play store retain google from 1. July 15 percent, for revenues beyond that are 30 percent. Currently, this proud sentence is even from the first dollar.

However, the discount does not automatically, as the group has announced on google i / o on tuesday: developers have to create a account group (account group) and accept specific conditions. That will only be from 7. June to be possible. Google adds all over the accounts group to each other in close connections. The millions threshold does not apply for each app, but per developer (collective) or company. It should not be bypassed by separate developer accounts.

Care: this year, the lower batch rate is considered at all up to half a million dollars. Google greeted this with the fact that the sales calculation follows the calendar year, and to 1. July has elapsed half a year.


The high of the bonds, which have long been at 30 percent for long google and apple, has always been controversial. Many developers feel them as a neck cutter by monopolists. Only a minority of the android users has an alternative app store installed, which gives it cheaper developers. Apple bonds alternative app stores overhead.

Some app providers try to bypass the high bonds, for example in which they settle abos else away. Fortnite publisher epic games liked to use their own payment function to have no emissions to apple and google discharge. Epic games has also sued google next to apple. In the case apple v. Epic is currently the courtroom phase. In addition, competition helps examine the situation on both sides of the atlantic.

After printing developers and politicians, apple has changed the app store conditions in december and rebuilts for small app providers: the publisher has implemented less than one million dollars in the app store in a year, he pays 15 percent in the year 30 percent.

Google has retreated in marz. The android publisher, however, unlikely: all developers pay first 15 percent, and from the millions threshold in the calendar year twice.

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