H license plate: mercedes 560 sel becomes vintage car

In sindelfingen, the middle / end of the 80s – and how. For many years, in more or less secret, it was already around a prestigious and potent v12 aggregate for the in-house splendor models s and sl. But bayern bmw caught the swabia on the wrong fift and crown her 7 series with the bmw 750i, which was to get both with a long and short wheelbase, but above all with a v12.

Rare short wheelbase

In terms of performance, its 221 kw / 300 hp for such a coarse car were not overwalling – also because of the later-defined bmw 740i with a new v8 engine already produced 286 hp. But in terms of smoothness and image mercedes with his s-class was now the number two two behind the upper class competitor. V12 stands v8 – that hurt in the schwalische development departments as well as in the daimler ceo. Although the mercedes-v12 was largely developed in 1986, he did not manage the 126 model maintenance. And the 500er motorization was no longer sufficient to maintain the co-worn customers from the new competition in particular on the co-emerging surfaces. Since it still took up to the first 600 v12 in w140, the w-126 series of 5.16 meters long 560 sel was created as a top model of the w-126 series.

The 300 hp rated power, which was registered with bmw, first achieved only one motorization without a catalyst. With kat stayed 205 kw / 279 hp. In september 1987, mercedes rusted the engine with a knock sensors and more stroke, so that he could provide powerful bmw 750 il from dingolfinger production paroli, which was published in the same year – now with catalyst.

From the luxury version of the mercedes 560 with a long wheelbase, more than 75.000 vehicles sold. The short version, however (wheelbase 2,93 instead of 3.07 meters) remained a raritat that found just 1252 builders. Audi, bmw and mercedes agreed at that time by gentlemen’s agreement on a secluded highest speed of 250 km / h. However, they managed at the 560s – whether short or long – only the versions with 300 hp.

Luxury in overflow

The w 126 series was not only through the high sales figures and the long production time from 1979 to 1991 to legend. She offered an unmatched symbiosis of luxury, dynamics and elegance at its time. In contrast to the successor, she himself offered himself as a top version 560 sel not all at times technically feasible, for that she looks much more elegant today in the light of the fragrance views much more elegant than the little filigree logs of successor, the w 140, which finally brought the v12 as top motorization. The 1810 kg mercedes 560 sel was not a car in which high-ranking politicians chauffeur, because they had to leave it from official grounds – heavily armored or not – mostly with the smaller 500s variant left. On the other hand, konige, celebrities and economic commits put on the ps strong top model.

In contrast to weaker versions with six and eight cylinders, the 560 sel already offered its clientele according to an exclusive standard equipment with fully electric and heated leather seats in front as back, air conditioning, heated mirrors, electric sunroof, becker radio mexico elektronik, abs and airbag. On request, there was no extra charge that is currently popular flocking velor seats. Buro equipment in the rear with fold-out table in the passenger backrest, a laptop and fax in the center armrest was with more than 11.000 d-mark the most expensive special equipment after the b6 armor. Who wanted, could also order an electric single seat system, electrically operable blinds all around or an additional car phone. Also to get opposed surcharges: a hydropneumatic suspension together with automatic level regulation or the slightly coarse skirt access calculator with clock radio charms.

Who today has a mercedes 560 sel the w 126 series, may be happy. The values for well-preserved models increased significantly in recent years and already exceed the generations w 116 and w 140. A well-preserved specimen with history and a mileage of less than 250.000 kilometers is under 30.000 to 35.000 euro hardly to get more. That the insurance and taxes as now official vintage cars cost significantly less than before, this trend was allowed to intensify.

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