Iaa: mini cooper se and se countryman all4

Bmw’s lifestyle brand mini continues to electrify itself, and at the iaa (12. To 22. September 2019) for the first time the battery-electric mini cooper se. An updated version of the mini cooper se countryman all4 will also make its first appearance at the show.

The electric range of the hybrid-powered all-wheel-drive mini cooper se countryman all4 model is now said to be up to 57 kilometers. Not that the hybrid could possibly come close to the brand-typical agility that we had already quietly desperately sought in the mini cooper se countryman all4 (test). It seems more important for mini to finally meet the criteria of the electromobility act for reduced company car taxation.

First battery-powered mini

The purely battery-electric mini cooper se is based on the conventionally powered model and, with its 135 kw. Its lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 32.6 kwh, is expected to deliver a power consumption of between 16.8 and 14.8 kwh. So the values achieved in the wltp were allowed to be significantly lower, in reality one should probably better expect a maximum of 200 km.

The first battery-electric mini will be built at the british mini plant in oxford from november 2019, and the manufacturer promises led headlights, dual-zone automatic climate control, heating with heat pump technology, a parking heater and air-conditioning function as well as networked navigation and "numerous" assistance systems as standard equipment, plus the same amount of space as in the variant with an internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, the instruments are now to be displayed virtually.

Coarsened battery in the hybrid model

The all-wheel drive hybrid model mini cooper se countryman all4 gets an increased battery capacity from 7.7 to 10.0 kwh. This increases the electric range to values between 55 and 57 kilometers, 30 percent more than before, mini says. Its lithium-ion battery is to be "fully charged" in around five hours at a conventional household socket, or in around three hours and 15 minutes at a wallbox.

The hybrid drive of the mini cooper se countryman all4 consists of the familiar three-cylinder gasoline engine, as used in the bmw 118i and 318i models, and an electric motor. Together they reach a maximum of 165 kw unchanged. According to the manufacturer, average fuel consumption drops to 2.1 to 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

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