Ifo economic researchers in favor of a careful coal phase-out

Ifo economic researchers in favor of a careful coal phase-out

The ifo institute has warned against a rapid phase-out of lignite. There are considerable risks to the power supply, said economics professor joachim ragnitz on thursday (24. January 2019) in dresden. And "it would be short-sighted to shut down modern lignite-fired power plants in eastern germany and instead operate outdated plants in poland or the czech republic to secure supplies in germany". Importing nuclear power from neighboring countries is not a solution either, he said.

A slow phase-out would also have less impact on the labor market: "a large proportion of coal employees are over 45 years old," said the economic researcher. Many employees were then able to retrain for industries that were looking for workers. "In principle, the phase-out of lignite is a major problem only for lusatia."A special program would make sense, but "the state cannot build new economic structures.

Karen pittel, professor of economics, called for a fundamental reform of taxes and duties. Otherwise, "not only will the costs of the energy turnaround increase considerably, there is also a danger that the climate and energy policy goals of the german government will be missed," she said in munich. It would make sense to "put a price on carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, particulate matter systematically and in all sectors. Then lignite gradually became uneconomical."

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