Main inspection in the future with test drive

As of april 1, 2012, vehicle owners will be given a detailed. April 2012, vehicle owners will receive a detailed list of defects. An amendment to the road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo), which is due to pass the bundesrat in february 2012, provides for this change to the main inspection, among other things tuv sud with. If, for example, the right-hand rear light is defective, this should be pointed out directly in the test report and no longer generally to defective vehicle lighting. The list of defects could then be used as an order for a workshop, argue the inspectors.

The vehicle inspection could take a little longer in the future, because the experts will be obliged to perform a test drive before the technical check in the test lane. If the amendment to the german road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo) actually enters into force on. April 2012, the test drive will be relevant for all vehicles newly registered after this date. Since the first general inspection for new cars is due after three years, tuv sud does not expect frequent test drives until 2015.

With the changes, backdating is no longer mandatory in the future. This means that a sticker will be ied for 24 months if the main inspection is completed late. Until now, the time that the car was presented too late for the hu was deducted. Example: if the main inspection date was overdue by three months, the car received the inspector’s blessing for only 21 months.

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