Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Mercedes e 300 diesel from private property reaches one million kilometers

Ulm, 31. Marz 2011 – over decades, diesel engines of mercedes are famous for their durability – and bounces for their homeland temperament. Some of the pre-chamber self-cord achieved a mileage of one million kilometers, especially taxiigner report on even higher miles with the same machine. That a private person experiences that the six-digit of 999.999 km jump back to zero, is already rarer before. A swab has done it now – with its mercedes e 300 diesel, built in 1989, the w 124 series. In doing so, fritz weber is a head of the kreissparkasse ummendorf in the district of biberach / rib no profession, in which one is inescaped for mileage. Nevertheless, he and his benz brought it on average to around 45.454 kilometers a year. Let him never have his car never.

No sunday car

At the age of 37, the today 59-year-olds set up the mercedes. In the 22 years the car had to go through a lot. Weber has always seen his daimler as a commercial vehicle and refers to him "ackergaul". Already of the oleren he sat down as a construction site vehicle "houselebau" a. Even at holiday trips, the e-class velvet caravan wacker held. Whether atlantic or mediterranean, the mercedes and fritz weber have made every challenge so far – but sometimes only with the crowbar. "With 113 hp, there are always slopes: full throttle in the second gear", explains the schwabe.

Enter gentle and a lot of care

Of course, the question arises as how weber has kept his mercedes over the years so well. "Gentle retraction is very important", explains weber. He makes this with all cars in the family circle like that. For the motorenol, weber has been familiar with the liqui moly brand for years. The press spokesman of the inlaid company, tobias gobbel, has surprised a certificate of the weber for a short time. The care was always the highest priority for the savings bank leader. This is obvious weekly washing, all three months paint, rims and plastic parts were preserved and the rubber parts maintained. Also scratches, dents or rust approaches had no chance at weber and were removed immediately.

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