Mobile communications industry plans massive investment in 5g networks

Mobile communications industry plans massive investment in 5G networks

The mobile industry will put massively money in the fast 5g data radio in the coming years. Of the 20025 estimated investments of $ 900 billion (around 754 billion euros), around 80 percent in the 5g grid expansion should be added, said director-general of the industry association gsma, mats granryd, on monday.

The corona pandemic did not stop building the 5g networks, emphasized granryd at the opening of the mobile fair mobile world congress in barcelona. The information after using 3.8 billion people no fast internet connections. Only around 500 million of them lived in areas where no mobile broadband is available.

For the remaining 3.3 billion there are already network coverage, but they could either do not afford the fast mobile internet or did not want to use it. To bring them online, is a central task for mobile phone providers, said granryd.

Connectivity as human right

"At the year 2030, connectivity will be a human right", said german telecom boss tim hottges, who was switched by video to barcelona. Internet care must be tailored to the needs of the individual user – because about gamers or motorists each had different requirements. "The winners will be those who have control over the data streams and the identity of the customers", stressed hottes.

The gsma organizes the mobile world congress, who began on monday in barcelona. In view of the corona risks, however, the fair remains the most coarse exhibitors who otherwise make them the main industry meeting. Among other things, in the exhibition halls of smartphone world market fuels samsung, the network urerson and nokia and deutsche telekom are missing.

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