New performance: bmw x5 m, x6 m with competition versions

New performance: bmw x5 m, x6 m with competition versions

Bmw is unimpressed by the youngest attacks on the vehicle genus suv, which are too undifferentiated much to admittedly, in order to use them only. With the third generation of the m-versions of x5 and x6 but right now the cross-cutting against the suv an ideal, argumentative suppressed enemy picture free home to supply either very bad timing or very coarse self-confidence. Or none of both: the two new models x5 m and x6 m, as well as their competition variants are simply the successors of suv top models that continue to bring much money.

The 600 resp. In the competition variant 625 hp 4,4-liter biturbo v8 as well as the eight-speed converter automatic is already known from the m5 and the granturismo m8. He also throws the two heavy suv chunks, which are almost 400 kg heavier than a m5, in less than 4 seconds to 100 km / h and in under 14 seconds to 200 km / h.

290 km / h, 13 liters of nefz

The highest speed is standard sympathy at 250 km / h. Within the framework of a suppliant m driver’s package with driver training, the limit can only be programmed at 290 km / h. That the fuel has to cost is clear. The factory information for consumption was determined in the wltp and accessed in the nefz. Making the car manufacturers to present lower values and to bleach the customers. Bmw is just one of many. Nevertheless, 12.5 to 13.0 l / 100 km are also after nefz for the power mass fireworks, which fires the two race track suv, purely technically a good value.

Excellent traction

The xdrive four-wheel drive was substantially also superseded from the well-known big m. He allows the torque vectoring of the active m differententials on the rear axle an excellent traction. Only with slip the front axle is integrated via the electronic slat coupling. Unlike m5 and m8, a pure rear drive mode is dispensed with. The driver can set only a strong rear-fused mode "4wd sport" for controlled drifts.

Impressive range

An adaptive chassis with electromagnetic steamer control, roll stabilization and rack stabilization with variable translation and support show how strong bmw has gripped into the technical trick box to make the new models athletic or comfortable as needed. Already the chassis of m5 and m8 show an impressive range in this regard.

Also, the equipment is no wishes in both dynamic bolts. Leather upholstery, navigation, head-up display and much more accused of standard equipment. However, the price level is accordingly. Bmw has not indicated prices yet, but already the process models cost uber 122.000 (x5 m) or. Good 126.000 euro.

Against a surprise surcharge, the two multi-combustors are also in an individual paint called "urban green". With this military color, they actually come very close to a "city tank". Bmw probably wanted to provoke the climate protectioners. From april 2020 the two big ms are delivered.

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